Tree Of Sharing Blessings for our community

Hearing the stories and struggles of so many in our community dealing with the loss of jobs, personal struggles, and hardships they were enduring, we decided it was time for us to step up and be a light to as many people as we could. This last Christmas we started our Blessed Tree Of Sharing where our community could refer someone in need, share their story and request help and support. After many submissions and heartfelt stories, we chose 10 different families from Spokane all the way across the US to New York to bless. So many loving people who were shattered by huge losses including cancer, kids with disabilities, loss of jobs, domestic violence abuse, loss of their homes, financial hardships and more. It was quite the project to shop for 10 different families, but we accomplished the mission and had the ability to meet the families, share stories, hugs, bless them with the gifts and spoil them our Blessed Coffee shop. More importantly we were able to give hope to so many who have been feeling alone in this world struggling with so many hard times and showing others that paying it forward and coming together as a community is worth every second of the work it takes to make it happen. Thank you to all our friends who referred a friend or were chosen this year to be the recipient of this gift. We are grateful to be a light in the dark times of your lives and appreciate your trust to share your stories, be vulnerable and let us bless you!

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