Wildfire rELIEF

Blessings and Beyond is here to support our community. We are working with volunteers, local authorities, and partner organizations to provide relief to those affected by recent wildfires. If you would like to get involved, please use an option below to get involved! We appreciate your support!


Interested in volunteering?

Please email your form to [email protected].


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Interested in dropping off usable items?

Please read the information about acceptable items and drop off locations.

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Please email your form to [email protected].

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    Anyone! Singles, couples, youth groups, companies, college students, high school students, and families! If your heart is for the homeless and less fortunate, we have a place for you.
  • KIDS?
    We welcome kids ages 5 and up to serve alongside their parents. It’s a great experience for them, and they bring an energy to the meals that sometimes we adults don’t always have. However, we want to make sure that they are safe so we suggest that children serve at the same stations with their parents to allow for proper supervision.
    • Bag Station: Hand out plastic sacks to our friends to help them carry what they gather.
    • Groceries: The fresh bags of salad, fruits, veggies, yogurt, puddings etc. are some items we can send along with them.
    • Treat Tables: Sometimes you just need a treat! Chips, crackers, donuts, cookies and other baked goods are always popular.
    • Full Meal, often Hot Meal: This is where the substance of our food really shines! We provide healthful, delicious, real food to our friends. Think of things like lasagne and French bread, Chicken Fettucine and corn on the cob, or a full taco station with all the fixings.
    • Starbuck/Wakeup Call & Other Local Coffee: Hot and iced coffees with all the fun add-ins! We also have hot apple cider and cocoa in the cooler months.
    • Drinks: Bottled water, juices, and milk.
    • Clothing and Toiletries Tables: This area is very popular and staffed by many volunteers to ensure that everyone gets what they are looking for and that there are enough items for all.
    • Blanket Table: This one usually goes quickly because supplies are limited.
    60 scheduled volunteer staff, pulled from regular volunteers and new ones. Scheduled volunteers will be assigned to a station for the Meals. Due to the increased blessings from the media, we are very excited to have so many people who want to serve; however, you must be scheduled in order to volunteer. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]. She will email you back with dates available.
    If your group is interested in sponsoring a Wednesday night Meal, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].