Be a part of blessing a local farmer who lost his arm

Eric Barr experienced a tragic farming accident while working on his property on 11/11/2023. After a life flight to Spokane and medical transport to Harborview Medical Center, they worked tirelessly to save his life. They had to work from most life threatening to least, which ultimately resulted in him losing his dominant right arm, broken jaw, tissue injuries from surgeries and muscle wasting. His (now) wife Robin has been by his side throughout this ordeal, but he is not done with medical procedures.

Eric has 1-2 more surgeries to prepare his arm for a prosthetic and needs his jaw re-broken in order to correct the damage from the accident and multiple intubations. Local surgeons are not experienced with the level of jaw reconstruction and specifics for prosthetics, which requires frequent travel back and forth from Spokane to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA to see the specialists. His current medical costs to date are over $900,000. Although his personal medical insurance has brought this to $25,000 out of pocket, he will continue to need surgeries and medical care. His farm insurance was liability only, so he has no other financial support. Any support would be greatly appreciated by this amazing guy. Any proceeds will go directly to medical bills and travel expenses. Click below to donate toward these medical expenses:  

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