Dodd family loses everything in Oregon Road Fire

Dear Friends and Kind-hearted Supporters, We are reaching out to you on behalf of the Dodd family, who have recently experienced a life-altering tragedy. On August 18th at 6:38pm the Dodd family lost everything they owned in a devastating house fire. The aftermath of this disaster has left them in a dire and heart-wrenching situation, and we are asking for your help to support them in their time of need. The Dodd family had 120 acres burned to the ground that was in the family for 100 years. With NO INSURANCE or any assistance available they need our help. The family consists of an elderly father Dwaine who is battling with health challenges of skin cancer, and an unhealed broken back as well as arthritis who lost him home, his tools, all his equipment and all his family memories. The daughter Kelcene is a three-time cancer survivor who still has residual health challenges herself as well. she lost her home, all her memories and everything she owned. Kelcene’s son Klint who lost his home as well, is a firefighter but was battling a fire in Oregon at the time this happened. Klint returned home from fighting fires only to realize he himself had lost everything he owned. Due to the fire, they have been left with nothing, and are currently struggling to make ends meet. The father is finding it increasingly difficult to live in a camper due to his health condition, and they are facing immense challenges in affording propane to stay warm, especially as the winter months approach. With no insurance to help them rebuild their lives, the Dodd family is in urgent need of assistance. The financial strain has become overwhelming as they are relying solely on their social security income for Kelcene and her father. They are struggling to afford even the most basic items and are in need of a stable and safe shelter to call home. They have a camper, but they desperately need an awning possibly made of solid wood or some other structure that can support heavy snow and help keep them warm and safe from elements. They lost all their work equipment including 2 lathes, logging equipment, cars, farm equipment, nothing was spared from the flames. This has affected their ability to perform side work to earn money they relied on. These are two people who worked hard their whole lives and expected to enjoy their golden years now starting completely from scratch. We are asking for your help to raise funds to provide the Dodd family with the basic necessities they need to rebuild their lives. Your generous contributions will go towards securing temporary shelter and transportation for the family, and other essential items. Additionally, it will help them cover the costs of propane to stay warm during the harsh winter months and will help make them more comfortable. Your support, no matter how small, will make a meaningful difference in the lives of the Dodd family during this incredibly challenging time. Together, we can help alleviate their suffering and provide them with the hope and support they need to start anew. We are immensely grateful for any contributions you can make and for sharing this fundraiser with your friends, family, and wider community. Click below to donate to the Dodd family: Thank you for your compassion and support.

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