Sweet Dreams and a Good Night’s Sleep

A regular at Blessings Under the Bridge events, Carrie was like many of those that frequented the weekly feeds: she lived in low-income housing and appreciated a home cooked meal that she couldn’t make given her finances. She was so thankful for that support, that Carrie became a regular volunteer, distributing pet food each week along with her little dog, Princess. One day, Carrie secured a bed on a nothing down, no payment deal, but ultimately, she found she wasn’t prepared for the timing of bank withdrawals. Automatic payments triggered at a time when her funds were gone and her next check was days away. That triggered even more late fees. After a few months it became apparent that her budget couldn’t swing the bed payment and so she returned it, leaving her without a bed just as long winter days were setting in. A friend was able to get her a sleeping bag, but the drafty floor and sofa loveseat were no substitute for a real bed. Through Blessings and Beyond’s program, Carrie was blessed with a new bed, frame, sheets, comforter, and pillows. It was a dream come true! Carrie was so excited and thankful to receive this support – and to get the first good night’s sleep she’s had in a very long time.

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